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And also concerning flowing liquids: we say that in these there is no purity.Even flowing liquids cannot separate unclean from clean because the moisture of flowing liquids and their containers is the same moisture.But ‘to Israel’ is not an obvious translation for []; ‘return to’ is classically expressed with or , and often with the addition ‘in peace’ ().The point was acknowledged by Martinez at the SBL meeting in Chicago in November 1994.Qimron translates: ‘And this is at the end of days when they will return to Israel’; cf.Martinez, 107–8 – ‘And this is the end of days, when they go back to Israel for [ever…]’.The translation in the text is the revised translation he suggested on that occasion, in which he completes the lacuna at the beginning of line 108 (Qimron C22) as .

As we shall see below, Abegg has given some further reasons for seeing a parallel or even connection between the thought of 4QMMT and Paul's argumentation in Galatians in particular, but even he does not seem to have appreciated all the points of possible connection.[...] also it is written that from the moment he shaves and washes he should reside outside [...] days.And it happens that when they are unclean, [...] the holy purity, the house.[] which they postpone from one day to another, w[e] that the ce[real]-offering [] with the fats and the meat on the day of their sa[crifice] priests should oversee in this matter in such a way that the [] do not lead the people into error.And also in what pertains to the purity of the red heifer in the sin-offering that whoever slaughters it and whoever burns it and whoever collects the ash and whoever sprinkles the [] purification, all these ought to be pure at sunset, so that whoever is pure sprinkles the impure.

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But the better translation – ‘in Israel’ – points away from that interpretation.