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Birds of a feather Fall through winter, varied thrushes gather together in flocks, collectively known as a hermitage—a fitting description considering their obligation to be concealed.I’ve never seen more than three at a time in my yard, so their flocks must be a loose assemblage.But hearing their call in a forest rarely helps locate one, since their ethereal, somewhat mournful voice seems to pervade the peaceful woods.

But whatever you call it, the result is a wonderfully entertaining and reasonably accurate portrayal of how to live off the land—even when that land is on a freeze-dried alien planet.

Based on the 2011 novel by Andy Weir, the film stars Matt Damon as Mark Watney, a wisecracking botanist-turned-astronaut marooned on Mars after being accidentally left behind by his crewmates.

Faced with extremely limited food and supplies, and with any hope of rescue more than a year and millions of kilometers away, early on Watney lays out his stark options for subsistence in the film’s most memorable line of dialogue: Either “science the shit out of this,” or die.

As NASA workers struggle to launch a mission to bring him back home, Watney improvises one ingenious scheme after another to stay alive.

He turns his habitat into a chemistry lab and a greenhouse, extracting potable water from rocket fuel and growing potatoes in nutrient-poor Martian soil fertilized with his own feces.

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Instead of extracting water from rocket fuel, a real-life Watney might mine and purify water from deposits of ice thought to exist beneath the soil across large swaths of the planet.

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