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The reaction between the water, limestone, and the high pressure of the earth creates carbon dioxide and dissolves it into the water.

When the water eventually rises to Earth's surface, the pressure is released and bubbly water is the result.

In this cooking and food science project, you will use baking soda (also called sodium bicarbonate), citric acid, and sweetener to develop your own recipe for soda pop.If you are interested in combining biology, chemistry, and the knowledge that you are helping people, then a career as a food scientist or technologist could be a great choice for you!Read more Good taste, texture, quality, and safety are all very important in the food industry.How much of each ingredient will you need to make a soda that has a good amount of bubbly fizz and the right touch of sweetness? It's not as smart as you are, and it may occasionally give humorous, ridiculous, or even annoying results!Learn more about the News Feed in locating specialty items for individual projects.

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Food scientists or technologists work to find new sources of food that have the right nutrition levels and that are safe for human consumption.