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Second, they do the positive work of setting your eyes on Christ and his completed work in your life.

Usually this idolatry justifies sexual sin and so many other relational pathologies.Following the great migration of African Americans from the rural South to the cities in the early twentieth century, Mason sent out preachers and female missionaries to Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, New York, California, and Michigan.The church experienced phenomenal growth that was aided by the willingness of missionaries to care for children, pray for the sick, and teach homemaking skills.But aside from that, there's no real, hard-and-fast rules about this sort of thing. No, if you want your significant other to actually grow with Christ you will encourage each other to regularly worship because you want them to: 1. I don't have the kind of space necessary to speak of the manifold benefits of sitting under regular preaching, but I'll list a few. At the same time, it's important to recognize that the corporate gathering of the people of God, in receiving the supper and lifting our voices in song, prepares and shapes the desires of our hearts to focus on God throughout the whole week.Still, over the years I've come to see that there is key mark of a maturing relationship centered and continually centering itself on Christ: both of you are absolutely committed to each other's involvement in the local church. First, it convicts of sin and humbles us before Christ. If for no other reason than avoiding the danger of your significant other turning your own relationship (or you!

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The Church of God in Christ, the largest black Pentecostal denomination in the United States, emerged out of struggles within the black Baptist churches of the American South in the 1890s.

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