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He gives us contrarian perspectives on low-carb, fasting, starches, potatoes, politics, and rock and roll.

Fun fact: Richard was one of my first interviews ever on Fat-Burning Man when I started 5 years ago.

If you want bread, get your wheat berries and mill it to make your bread.

I’ll get some grains from Bob’s Red Mill or King Arthur that’s the true whole grain, including the germ, which is where the oil and the nutrition is.

The night before we moved in, the big house on the property burned down.

We show up with the moving truck and there are firemen all over.

Because the kitchen in the trailer is tiny, it helps to get that box with just what you need, nothing you don’t. That was some gourmet stuff you whipped up in the RV!

Richard Nikoley is author of Free The Animal, and we’re exploring how to cook in an RV, what it’s like to live off the grid, and why you shouldn’t fear potatoes.She’s in limbo, not quite retired yet because she’s doing counseling at a Junior High instead of teaching elementary.We found a cool place in the east hills of San Jose that was actually a guest house on a large property.There’s nothing else I’ve ever had for breakfast that stays with you that long. A hundred years ago, farmers figured out feeding animals hyper processed grains is a problem.We just take water on our hikes, even if it’s ten miles. There’s something really special about those old fashioned whole grains that we’ve lost in the modern ones. I also challenge the unconventional thinking, so I’m even more unconventional. But I have a fondness for it, and I believe in a lot of principles of it. It’s white bread enriched with B vitamins to make you eat more. In order to get the livestock to eat the grain, they spiked it with B vitamins, that’s how the’d get them fat on that. They lose their appetites because they’re deficient in nutrients…

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