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Changeling: Ms Casanellas, pictured with the couple's biological son after the birth, says that she noticed that the child given to her by hospital staff in San Salvador was darker and looked nothing like her or her husband The Cushworths had accused Dr Alejandro Guidos, a gynaecologist at the prestigious Centro Ginecologico hospital, of masterminding a plot with other hospital staff to switch their light-skinned baby and sell him to human traffickers.

But yesterday afternoon, hours after the family attended court to hear Dr Guidos formally accused, the country's Attorney General's Office announced that their investigations had already identified their biological baby.

In many ways we were trailblazers for female pilots in the RAF.’ Looking back, they are aware that despite the glamour and excitement, it was a desperately dangerous job.

The ATA delivered more than 308,000 aircraft from factories to airfields, also returning damaged aircraft for repair.

The role of the ‘Spitfire Girls’ was largely overlooked until last year, when Prime Minister Gordon Brown was persuaded to honour them with a commemorative badge.

Agony: Mercedes 'Mercy' Casanellas collapses outside court in El Salvador after the first appearance of the doctor she and her husband Richard Cushworth allege swapped their newborn son for a darker-skinned baby Seized: Dr Alejandro Guido is taken away in handcuffs by police in San Salvador.

They acted on the allegation that he had swapped Richard Cushworth and Mercy Casanellas's baby with another after birth The parents of four other boys who were also born on the same day, May 21, had last week brought their babies to be DNA tested after an order was issued by the country's Prosecutor General's Office, which had taken over the investigation.

Their petite frames fitted the cramped interior of the Spitfire so snugly it was, as one put it, ‘like wearing a well-fitting dress’.

Yesterday the only two sisters to fly Spitfires during the war turned the clock back seven decades to recall those heady days – after being reunited with one of the aircraft that gave them ‘such a thrill’.

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The family's lawyer, Fernando Meneses, said that the case 'apparently' seemed to be an accidental mix-up of the infants and urged the hospital to review procedures to ensure it could not happen again.

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