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B Metalhead Brooker wrote every episode of this season (with one co-writing credit, next).

“Metalhead” is the shortest, but it feels like it would have been the most fun and most frustrating to write.

There’s one brilliant standout epic, a sardonic meditation on space operas which also feels like a legitimate attempt to outdo any space operas in theaters now.

There are a couple chapters that proudly announce their talking-point topics — imagine a chyron running across the bottom of the screen declaring THIS IS ABOUT TINDER.

She’s on a mission, but she quickly finds herself in a death duel with a freaky robot, the particular design of which is a continually unexpected thrill.

I’ve got a lot of love for Slade, who made his name with culty horror flicks every year.

So producer Charlie Brooker’s initial salvo of satirical techno-skepticism felt transgressive.That’s an effect you can’t recreate today, when the tech industry has become Death, Destroyer of Worlds, and social media is how you check if nuclear war happened yet.Remember, too, that so many of us in America first discovered down the internet’s back alleys.has a great history of casting future stars, and Georgina Campbell feels like this year’s Hayley Atwell or Domhnall Gleeson, a glittering screen presence who performs several romcoms’ worth of heartfelt heartbreak.She’s well matched by costar Joe Cole, and together they’re an ideal pair of everypeople, grounding the obvious weirdness of their world with real chemistry and emotions.

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I get anxious when gets the cutes, and no episode this season has more cutes.