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The vehicles used Ford truck chassis imported from Canada and armour-plated hulls constructed by Tata Steel.

Between 19, 4,655 units were built at the Railway workshop with a special plant set up for Armour, Hull, Axle and Tyre tracks.

Since there were no proper hotels in Jamshedpur to lodge Allied troops, Bartholomew’s son John was asked to hastily build one!

Using bricks from his kiln and cutlery bought from Lord’s, a Calcutta hotel that was closing down, he set up The Boulevard Hotel in December 1940.

The chairs and tables that survived the fights have been used in the hotel and the attached Brubeck Bakery.” The exposed bricks bore the initials DC (D’Costa)! During WWII, when United Kingdom could not meet the demand for Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Commonwealth countries began developing their own armoured cars.

India developed a series of Wheeled Armoured Carrier, Indian Pattern or ACV-IP better known as the ‘Tatanagar’.

‘Yellow signals’ wired from Calcutta warned of impending Japanese air raids.

Weighing 2,626 kg with 14mm armour, it could seat 3-4 people and touch speeds of 80 km/hr.Of the 26,500 tonnes of steel used to construct the cantilever bridge, 23,000 tonnes of heavy tensile steel came from Jamshedpur.During WWII, as Japan entered the China-Burma-India theatre of war, the British feared the steel plant was a high value target that might be bombed.Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company or TELCO (now Tata Motors) completed the last order in 1945 when it took over the railway workshop.Ironically, the first vehicle to roll out of Tata Motors was not a truck, but a tank!

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Tata Steel came up with ingenious ways to protect itself.

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