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After a fuel stop in the Cape Verde Islands we flew on to Bloemfontein, where we landed and right away loaded into buses to travel a few more hours to Maseru. ” The audience enjoyed that “young” remark; Reverend Angley’s vitality and energy were obvious—as well as unexpected from the eighty-five-year-old.

Bloemfontein to Maseru was the short leg of the journey with time for only two services. ” Reverend Angley called to the crowd in Maseru as he walked across the platform in the first service Saturday night. “The eyes of the Lord are running to and fro throughout the whole Earth seeking people on whom He can perform a miracle who will give Him the glory and tell others about it,” said the minister.

The following morning we took the bus back to Bloemfontein to begin services there on Thursday. God needs you to help bring in His harvest.” Reverend Angley came onto the platform that first crusade service in Bloemfontein, telling the crowd to “Trample the devils underfoot with the blood, the blood, the blood!

At the ministers’ seminar, Reverend Angley spoke on the “Mantle of Power.” He told the pastors they must make sure that the Mantle is working in their churches: The greatest flag a church can have is the Jesus-blood flag. ” And we were off to a dynamic start with Jesus and the divine blood working in the lives and hearts of many.

Faith has soared already, and many will receive a miracle tonight; but if you expect to keep it, you must serve God.

With divine power from Heaven He heals for His honor and glory.

“Jesus,” said the man of God, “is our sacrificial Lamb, the healing Christ, and He is healing people tonight.

Although enough took place during these three crusades to fill a year of magazines, time and space dictate only the highlights of all three. “God is in this place, and that means you can be healed of anything! God’s eyes had already lit on someone: A young woman received a cancer miracle.

Then an older man whose lung was almost destroyed found that the Lord creates and re-creates: He had a new lung. “I do not doubt my Lord,” he continued; “I know that with Him all things are possible.

Everyone who comes to the Lord has a measure of faith. Now, newly delivered people needed to say the sinners’ prayer to get the divine blood of Jesus in their souls so the devils could not come back, and the whole congregation said the prayer together. As the Early Church used the name of Jesus and great things took place, in the same way the Word today will increase, multiply and grow.

As you use that measure, the Lord adds more faith to it.” The Lord moved for the casting out of devils. Many miracles took place that night, miracles for heart trouble, scalp conditions, pneumonia, AIDS, hip trouble, cancer, a diseased bladder, diabetes, growths and more. “Ministers,” instructed Reverend Angley, “pray, fast and spend time in the Lord’s presence.

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